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5-stars We just had all our upstairs windows replaced. The quality is amazing and it makes such a big difference. The company was professional and easy to work with.  The installation went smooth and quick. … Brenda Sperber, Simi Valley, CA
Simi Valley is home to many satisfied SCCCI customers, we have completed many successful projects in Simi Valley since our incorporation in 1986. Located just a short drive from our Chatsworth offices, Simi Valley homeowners often mention they like how close we are in case any future problems arise with their replacement windows or their exterior painting needs a touch up.

Homeowners in the 93063 and 93065 Simi Valley Zip Codes often experience warmer than average temperatures during the day time and at night and during the winter, temperatures drop which can leave many uncomfortable in their home if not properly separated from the elements with dual pane windows and proper insulation. Because of the intense climate changes in the California many conventional paint jobs do not last, our CoolWall exterior painting product is formulated for stucco and wood in climates similar to what we experience in Southern California. Our products help to keep you and your family comfortable, secure and enjoying your home.

Services We offer in Simi Valley

anlin malibu sliding glass door

Replacement Vinyl Windows & Doors

Anlin Vinyl Windows are popular in Simi Valley, being manufactured right here in California and designed with the hot temperatures we often experience in mind. Vinyl Replacement Windows have become popular as many homeowners are making the move to dual pane windows because they are unsatisfied with high utility bills from inefficient single pane wood or aluminum windows. Dual Pane Windows keep your home cool during warm days and hold in warm air when it gets cold, which leads to reduced cooling/heating use and lower utility bills! No two vinyl windows are the same, it comes down to a quality product which Anlin provides backed with a full lifetime warranty and a top notch window installation provided by SCCCI’s certified craftsmen. Find out why we are the best window installers in Simi Valley and how you can get the comfort and security of Anlin Windows in your home today!

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CoolWall Exterior Coating by Tex-Cote

The CoolWall System and Tex-Cote products are engineered to endure years of exterior exposure in the elements, eliminate color fade and save energy by reducing heat absorption as much as 40°F when your home is beautified with CoolWall. CoolWall is a specially formulated paint product for the exterior of homes that comes in two varieties; smooth for wood siding, wood trim and metal surfaces, and textured for stucco. The name comes from the revolutionary technology CoolWall uses to reflect heat from the sun on the exterior surfaces of your home. Dark colors used to fade when applied and left in the hot Califonia sun but now, CoolWall allows you to select from over 570 heat reflective colors (including dark colors) that are warrantied, both labor and materials, to never fade, chip, peel or crack. SCCCI believes that preparation is key to a long lasting job, we use a 10 Step Application process to ensure our quality paint job is sure to last. Once SCCCI is done you are left with an exterior that you will never have to paint again!

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Coolwall Exterior Coating
Owens Corning Insulation

Wall & Attic Insulation

Owens Corning Cellulose insulation not only saves energy; it also helps conserve natural resources by using widely available and plentiful resources—sand and recycled newspaper—in its manufacturing process.

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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

We have become experts at exterior painting since we began in 1986. Unlike other painters, SCCCI believes in detailed preparation and leaving a long-lasting, quality finished product on every job.

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DuraMax Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fencing

DuraWood the perfect substitute for wood fencing. By combining Poly Vinyl Extrusion with Molecular Technology we are able to deliver the only fence that brings the real look and feel of a wood fence . . .

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SCCCI has 25+ years in business as a Los Angeles exterior painter, window installer, insulation contractor and vinyl fence installer. We are based in Chatsworth, CA and serve the Greater Los Angeles Area including the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley and Ventura County.
We have earned many credentials from highly valued services including the Better Business Bureau, League of California Homeowners, and more. Our company has been under the same license number (#492512) for our entire existence as a company under the Contractors State License Board. View our license info here. Click to view our proof of insurance. Read more about our credentials here.
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