Anlin Malibu Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors are usually the most used entry and exit point in ones home. Generally homes are built with cheap aluminum or wood doors that have inadequate rolling mechanisms that after a few thousand usages break down. Commonly original sliding patio doors become difficult to operate or open and close. They sometimes skip and are very heavy due to the roller failure which is extremely costly to fix and no one guarantees that once fixed it will last any favorable amount of time.

The Malibu Sliding Patio Door series from Anlin is custom manufactured and professionally installed by SCCCI. Malibu doors are highly energy efficient with dual pane glass packs, triple strength glass which is tempered (always with patio doors), and we guarantee the dual tandem rollers will remain in good working order for “as long as you own your home.” Our Anlin patio doors are backed by a full labor and material replacement warranty should it ever become necessary. Malibu doors are also fully weather stripped, block out noise and passes American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) testing in 3 critical areas (durability to the elements, forced entry resistance and thermal performance) earning the Malibu series the Gold Label from AAMA. They have a great and very efficient steel reinforced locking mechanism and an optional track deadbolt can be installed for additional security.

Sliding Patio Doors Configurations:

Rollover image to view operation

Sliding/Fixed – XO

Fixed/Sliding – OX

Sliding/Fixed/Fixed – XOO

Fixed/Sliding/Fixed – OXO

Fixed/Sliding/Sliding/Fixed – OXXO

‘Doggy Door’ Option:

Anlin Malibu Sliding Door with Doggy Door installed

In addition we can have a ‘doggy door’ (small, medium or large) custom made and permanently attached at the factory so the door operation will not be affected. This is a great alternative to buying doors that are either installed in walls or sections that can be inserted into existing sliding patio doors. Installing a doggy door in a wall usually requires wall to be cut out and framing to be built and aftermarket sections weaken the security of your patio door as the locking system will be unusable.

Anlin Malibu doors come in custom sizes ranging from 5 feet to 12 feet and for a slight price increase can be made with a 4 1/2 inch French rail thus giving the appearance of a genuine french door at a fraction of the cost.

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